How did MEDstativ come about?

The solution for rectale irrigation.

Good morning, I would like to introduce myself, I am Vincent born in 1968.

In January 2018, just before my 50th birthday, I felt unwell with some cramps, pain and had to throw up sometimes. After a few weeks with ups-and-downs my wife, who is an oncology nurse, insists for seeing a doctor. After having a stool-based test, the complaints appear to be cause due to a bacteria. But in order to take any risks, the GP sends me to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy.

Diagnosis: Rectal carcinoma, T3 / T4

Radiation, chemo, surgery, ostomy, chemo, complications and then finally removing my ileostomy at the end of May 2019 in the hope of finally closing a bad episode.

About 1 month after my ileostomy is removed, I went to the surgeon and let him known that I had to go about 20 to 30 times a day to the toilet, even when I took 8 imodiums a day. In short, an unlivable situation. I had L.A.R Syndrome. (Low Anterior Resection Syndrome)

My GI surgeon prescribes rectal irrigation. It’s a unique way of empty the lower bowel and is used to prevent bowel incontinence. A daily flush with an irrigation bag that I hang at shoulder height on the window handle of my toilet, so that I don’t have to drill holes in the tiles. But my window must remain open, which in winter had a negative impact on the water temperature, which should be between 37 and 38 degrees.

The result of those irrigation were great. I had a social life again, I could go out again without major problems.

Now I still had to find a solution for my work as a representative, for which I am often on the road and have to spend sometimes the night into a hotel without knowing if I can hang my irrigation bag easily?

Nothing exist! There was simply nothing to help us for travel.

My only solution was to invent something. And here we are, in August 2020 with an ideal system, pliable, light, discreet, very easy to use and portable, but with 4 months delay due to Covid 19. Today I also have a Stoma, and of course I’m using the MEDstativ at home and on holiday.

With MEDstativ I want to give fellow companions a more comfortable life.

MEDstativ can also be used for urostomy support, feeding tube or as a mobile IV stand.

Many inventions where find into their garage, I found mine in the toilet!